Unique and personalised workflows with a selection of activity types can be created in the Workflows Tab. Starting with a blank template will allow you to work your way through designing the flow of questions for your business case.
            Click on the + button to create a new workflow.
            Give it a name and save it.
            You are also able to create KPI's in the workflows tab. These will show at campaign level and can be an average or a total calculated either as percentages or a sum.
            Enter the new workflow to begin adding the various activities. The Zaptic app users will see this template exactly how you design it.

            For each new activity created, you must include the following details:

            - A Name

            - A Type from the following:

            Calculation Table
            Photo Capture
            Process Flow
            Timeline note 
            Unit Check
            Unit Process Flow

            - An Icon:

            Choose an icon from the list available.

            - A Colour:
            Using the colour picker available.

            - Dependencies:
            Highlight any activities which must be completed to unlock this one.

            Process Authoring  

            Within both the Process Flow and the Unit Process Flow you must design the branching logic of questions.

            - Click on the specific process flow type activity you want to edit.
            - Click on “View Process Flow”.
            - Click the “+” button to begin adding questions.
            - Choose from the 2 options available - "Add New Node" or "Link to Existing Node".

            Add New Node:

            This allows you to select from a variety of different questions styles.

            - Yes/No
            - Number
            - Multiple Choice 
            - Select Fix (Multiple choice answers with possible multiple routing) 
            - Photo
            - Form
            - Note
            - Display: Text/Image/PDF/Video

            Link to Existing Node: 

            This allows you to link to a node which already exists and follow it's path rather than creating a new one.

            Delete an Existing Node/an Existing Route:

            Un link a route by highlighting the line and clicking

            Delete a Node by highlighting the node and clicking the  icon in the side bar. 

            Continue building your process flow selecting the routing of the questions as you go. Don't forget to in the top right-hand corner before you leave the page. 

            Workflow Settings:  

            "Settings" can be found in the top right-hand corner of the workflow template editing page.

            Here you can create different status' for your reports so that completed reports within the campaign section can carry multiple status'.

            The default is "Completed" but you're able to add other Status' and set a different one to default.

            Display Node Types:

            All display type nodes will not involve questions which require an answer from the user. Instead, you should use these to display something which the user must either read, watch or engage with as part of their task.

            Display Image - This will accept the majority of image types and should be up to 1MB.

            Display Text - This allows for rich text formatting meaning, using the correct symbols, you can display text in Bold, Underline and//or Italics. It also allows for the addition of bullet points.

            Display Video - The video type must be .mov or .mp4 and should not surpass 100MB in size. Please be aware that depending on the strength of your internet connection this may vary.

            Updated: 15 May 2019 06:42 PM
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