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            Viewing Tasks and Training

            Viewing individual report data has never been easier!

            You can view reports in several ways across the Zaptic platform: 

            1) Within the app (dependant on you being in the user who submitted the report's team)

            2) Within the procedure Timeline tab in the portal (A.K.A The report modal)

            3) Within the Tasks/Training tab in the procedure  (dependant on the type of report you want to view)

            Above is an example of viewing option (3) - Viewing a report from the tasks tab. 

            Where the following apply: 

            1 - Allows user to change report status

            2 - Shows map of where report was submitted (Subject to location services being enabled)

            3 - Shows all comments related to this report 

            4 - Allows user to delete the report 

            Updated: 4 days ago
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