Teams and Users

            The  tab is split into 3 clear sections....

            Here, as a portal user with the "User Management" permission you can see an overview of every individual in the system. In the top left-hand side, you will see three options:

            1) Invite New Users 

            - Enter the email/s of the users which you want to add to Zaptic separated with a space.
            - Select their interface language.
            - Select the correct team/s from the “Teams” section.
            - If necessary, select a team for the user to administrate - this will allow them to access the campaigns page and see their teams reports. 
            - Click “Invite”

            2) View Invites 

            Displays the status of the most recent sent invites.
            Allows you to revoke or resend an invite.

            3) View Users 

            Displays details about any specific user. You can see when the user last synced and what permissions and locations each specific user has. You can edit these permissions and locations here.

            To edit a user, click on the user’s name from the list:

            - Edit a user's permissions by clicking "Edit". This allows you to edit the permissions.
            - To edit locations click on “Edit Locations”.- Type the name of the location you wish to add.
            - Click the “+” button when you find the location you wish to add.
            - To remove a certain location click the “-” button.
            - Click “Save” to complete

            -To download a CSV file of a user's current territories click on "Edit Locations" and then .

            On this page you will also be able to bulk upload user territories​ 

            This is the recommended option for when you're adding/removing more than just one or two locations from a user.

            - To add multiple locations click on "Upload Location Ownership" in the top right hand side.

            - Here you will upload a CSV which has both a user ID and a Location ID. There are multiple options for both location and user ID's depending on which format you prefer.

            - For user ID you can use : The email, The Zaptic user ID, or the user Integration ID (Which could be a territory code. This must be saved uploaded along with the user).

            - For the Location ID you can use: the Integration ID's, the Zaptic ID or the Local ID.

            - Once you've selected the appropriate IDs click the "Next" button.

            - You will be asked if you'd like to replace or add to the existing user territories.

            - Select your option and "Save". Your users will now have locations assigned to them.

            Updated: 12 Sep 2018 07:33 PM
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