Triggering a manual sync

Triggering a manual sync

Manual Sync

You can trigger a manual sync in Zaptic if you're app has not recently synced. If it has recently synced automatically, this won't be possible. 

To do so: 

Open the settings cog in the top left-hand side:

Click on the troubleshooting tab and scroll to the bottom of the screen if on a mobile size device :

In the heading Sync Data you will see a green tick with a timestamp for when the app last updated. If this was recently like the image above, you will not be able to manually sync. 

If this was less recent you will be able to click the green tick to trigger a sync, like in the image below: 

If you find yourself in an area with weak/no connection, a manual sync will not be possible and you will see a red "no connection" error message.