The Timeline Tab (2.0)

The Timeline Tab (2.0)

As simple as it sounds, the one place to see all current activity happening across a procedure both from the app and the portal.

Opening the report modal from the timeline allows you to interact with the report in several ways. 

1) You can leave comments to the report originator or anyone else actively involved in a conversation going on in the comments thread.

2) You can delete the report (depending on your permissions) 

3) You can change the status of the report e.g from an open report to a report pending actions to a closed report.

4) You can create Actions

Creating Actions: 

Creating actions associated to a specific report is easy in the Zaptic web portal. Click on the lightning bolt button in the comments box to begin adding an action.

Each action has : 

- An assignee 

- A due date 

- An simple confirmation style action in the form of free text 

On clicking "create", the action will be added to a table at the top of the report.

Below is an example:

Each action can be marked as complete either from the web portal or the Zaptic app.

For future reference, the completed action can be seen against the original report.
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