Renaming Reports

Renaming Reports

Renaming reports

We know that having 100 reports all with the same "Maintenance Tag" title makes it much more difficult to search and find that report later down the line. Through Zaptic, users can now either ad hocly rename reports or do so using the new Title Element.

Title Element

Within each Zaptic flow, users can select up to 1 element answer to automatically be set as the report title. 

To do so: 

1) "Set response as report title" should be marked green for the element answer you wish to automatically create as a title. This can be e.g. It could be a "Text Capture" but it couldn't be a "Display Text".

**If the question is not mandatory (as above) and the user chooses not to answer that question, the report title will default to the workflow name e.g. "Maintenance tag".
**If the title element is tied to a "Drop down" or a "Multiple choice" element, this will automatically turn off the ability for the app user to select more than one answer as there can only be a single report title.

Renaming reports ad hocly 

Any completed report can be renamed using a very simple inline text editor.

To do so: 

1) Open the report either from the timeline or from the task table.

2) Place your cursor in the title box

3) Remove the current title by pressing backspace

4) Write new title and click outside of the box to save 

Searching for a report using the title

Unique report titles allow Portal users to search for a specific report using the key term in the title.

Go to the Tasks tab and, using the Search bar, type the name of the report you're looking for.

As you start typing the results will filter to your search terms:

If your search doesn't match any reports you will see: 

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