Procedures Landing Page

Starting with a blank instance, the Procedures tab allows you to digitise daily shop floor processes. Keeping everything in one place, within each procedure you will be able to build tasks and training, keep up with the most recent events on the timeline and upload existing content via the files tab.


Multiple procedures can be categorised and grouped using “Tags”. For example, you may already have 5-6 procedures which should all come under the arching tag of “EH&S”.

Create this tag within one of these procedures on the right hand side of the timeline page and then assign it to all related procedures.
This will allow you to filter by specific tags on the procedures landing page and provide another way of searching for a specific procedure.

New Procedure

To add a new procedure, click the “+ Create Procedure” square located to the far left of the page. Creating a new procedure will take you straight into that procedure allowing you to begin customising it.

  1. Start by giving your procedure a name in the top left hand side of the page.

  2. Will anyone else be collaborating on this procedure? If so, invite them to assist you by clicking the “+” button in the top right-hand corner. In the search bar, type the name/s of the user’s you’d like to add as collaborators and press “Add Collaborator(s)”. If you make a mistake, to remove a collaborator, press the “Collaborator” button to the right of their name and click “Remove as collaborator”. Note: Management of collaborators like this is only available when you are a collaborator in the procedure. You are automatically made a collaborator when you create a procedure. User must be invited to Zaptic from the Teams tab first before they can be added as a collaborator.

  3. How about adding a Team to the procedure? You can add 1 or multiple teams who will be able to view/complete individual tasks or training modules within the procedure. To do so click on “0 Teams” in the top right-hand corner. Individually add a certain team or click “All Teams” to add them all. Note: We recommend creating a test team whilst the tasks are being created/modified and then rectifying the assigning process and adding the correct teams once the final version is available. Teams must be created in the Teams tab first before they can be added to the procedure.

  4. As a collaborator you can add a description field to your procedure, use this space to share a little more detail about your procedure with other collaborators.

  5. To delete your procedure click on the three buttons next to the files tab and click “Delete”. You will get a pop up asking you to confirm the deletion.

Below is an example of how your brand new procedure may look:

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