How to use To-Do list filters

How to use To-Do list filters


Based on the fact that operators move around and can be working on Line 1 one shift and then Line 2 the next, in Zaptic, by default, they will have access to all CIL tasks. 
It is then up to the operator to filter their To-Do list based on the line that they are working on that shift. 

Extra Information: 

By default, Zaptic will remember the filters selected by the operator. This means that if the operator always works on line 1, they do not need to re-select/re-fitler to this line every shift. However, if the line 1 operator moves to line 2 for a one off shift, they will need to clear and reselect the appropriate line in their to-do list filter. 

This OPL will be split into 3 sections :

A - How to add a new filter
B - How to remove/clear a filter
C - How to change a filter
A - How to add a new filter :

1. New operator logs into Zaptic and lands on the To-Do list. By default, they see all CILs for all stations on all lines. 
2. Press the filter button to open the filter tab
3. Filter by selecting the line you’re working on from the “Assigned to” options then click “Show results”
4. Your To-Do list is now filtered to the CILs for your line 
B - How to remove a filter :

1. The purple counter shows that you have filters (1 or more) selected. Press the filter button to open the filter tab.
2. To remove a filter, press clear all or manually deselect your options :
3. To save the unfiltered view press Show results :
C - How to change a filter:

1. The purple counter shows that you have filters (1 or more) selected. Press the filter button to open the filter tab.
2. De-select any existing filters by pressing the clear all button or manually deselecting.
3.Select your new filter(s) and press show results to save
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