How to access the app?

How to access the app?

How to access the app?

There are 3 ways to access the app: Phone and Tablet app, Google Chrome and Windows app.

  1. Phone and Tablet app

To download the app on your iPhone or Android Phone go to the app store on iOS, or the play store on android. 

1. Search for “Zaptic”
2. Select “Zaptic 2.0”
3. Press get / install
4. Once complete, Zaptic will appear on your home screen. 

  1. Google Chrome web browser

You can access the Zaptic app from any computer that has the Google Chrome web browser installed. To run the app go to the web address below:

  1. Windows app

If you do not have Google Chrome installed you can download Zaptic from the link below: 

To install it: 
1. Download the windows installer
2. Once downloaded, double click to run.
3. Follow the instructions on the screen
4. Zaptic will appear as a program on your start menu

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