In the Campaign  section of the portal, you can create a new campaign, edit an existing campaign or view top level, user specific data. 
Building a Campaign

Click the button in the top left-hand side of the page to begin. Fill the various subheadings with the necessary information to be able to form your first campaign.

Name - Give your campaign an appropriate. 
Activity Template - Highlight the activity template you would like to use for this. 
Focus List - Choose one or more Focus Lists from the ones which you created in the Data Management section of the portal or create a new focus list by clicking the + button. For more information on how to create a focus list please refer back to the Data Management section.
Teams - Highlight one or more teams to which you wish to apply the campaign.
Start/End Date - Choose a start and end date from the calendar view.

Click  to complete and save your campaign.

Populating the Store Call

To access the activity, click on your campaign and then open the activity template. 
Unit Process Flow and Form type activities need to be populated in this section - you do this by adding appropriate unit lists and questions respectively.
Each Unit Process Flow must contain at lest one Unit List where a question, some units and a location list are selected. 

To create a Unit List: 

- Click on Add Unit List
- Name your list with the appropriate question or phrase.
- Choose a configuration - Display all/Multi-select from list/Single-select from list. 
- Search for the units which apply to this specific unit list and add them. 
- Alternatively, you can create new products by clicking the + button next to units. 
- Add a Location List by clicking the + button. 
- Here you can upload a CSV of locations.
- Highlight the Integration ID.
- Click “Next” to save these locations.
- Give your Location List a name.
- Click “Save” when this is complete.

To create a Form: 

- Click on Add Form.
- Name your form and choose the location list to which you’d like these questions to apply.
- Click Save
You have now created a form and cam begin to add questions.
- Click on the pencil and notepad symbol next to your form name to edit the form. 
- Click on the + button to add questions.
- Write the question under “Name”.
- Give any extra information in “Info”
- Select a question type. 
- None free text questions will require you to add a list of optional answers. 
- Make your question mandatory by ticking the box.
- Add a start and end date if it differs to the campaign length. 
- Click “Save” at the bottom to add all the questions.

Creating Scheduled Events for a Campaign
In a every individual campaign you can view "Scheduled Activity". This is split per user and shows a total number of scheduled events during the campaign. These can be events scheduled by the user or by the manager or a combination of the two. 

To bulk upload scheduled events for users: 
Pre prepare a CSV file which has the following columns of data: 

- A date - written in a numerical format. 
- A location ID - select any one from Zaptic ID, Integration ID, Local ID. 

Once this file is prepared you're ready to load the data into Zaptic. In the "Scheduled Activity" tile, click on "Upload Calendar Events" in the top left corner. When required, load your pre-prepared CSV onto Zaptic. From the drop down, select which work flow these events apply to (if there are multiple workflows in one single campaign). Next, select your date column with the correct format and your location ID column with the correct ID - you should receive feedback regarding how many matches are found in your file. If all seems good to go press "Next" and "Save" to complete the upload.  



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