Beta Authoring Triggers

Beta Authoring Triggers

The Zaptic Beta authoring experience brings the authoring and trigger creation in line for easier use and application.  Zaptic uses the term "Trigger" to refer to an automated occurrence which happens based upon either the simple act of a report being completed or, on unique combinations of conditions recorded in that report. Triggers can either be notifications or actions.

Locating the Trigger page

The triggers page is located on the right-hand side of the Beta authoring page :

Clicking this tab will take you to the trigger building page which will look like this when there are no triggers: 

Building your first trigger

Click "Add Trigger" to open the trigger settings page. 

  1. Give your trigger a name. Only authors will see this so make it something which you remember! 
  2. Begin to add conditions, these can be simple or complex.

Simple Triggers

An example of a simple trigger which fires every time a new maintenance request is submitted through Zaptic : 

Complex triggers with logic

An example of a more complex trigger which fires depending on certain conditions being met within the report.
In the example below, every time a new, immediate priority, mixing area maintenance request is submitted : 

Triggers can be made more complex by using AND/OR (boolean) logic and entering specific answers which should be selected for the trigger to fire. 

Once you've chosen all the conditions, the next step is to select whether this is a notification or action based trigger. 

Notification triggers

Select the  button to build your notification. 

A notification based trigger will allow you to customise the subject and body of the email and may look a little bit like the below: 

A link to the maintenance report with all the details captured will be automatically attached.

Workflow Action trigger

Select the  button to start customising your action.

On the other hand, an action type trigger may look something like: 

In this example the action would be assigned to Marisa Smith to be completed within 1 hour after subsumption of the original maintenance report. (The items in purple are variables). 
This action type is known as a "Workflow Action" which means Marisa Smith will be asked to complete a pre-configured form for her action. To create this type of action, slide the "Ask to complete workflow" to Green and then select which workflow should be completed from the drop down. In this example the workflow is Immediate Attention Maintenance. The action workflow will appear in the action owner's To Do list in the app.

Standard Action Trigger

Action triggers can also be standard actions. These do not contain a pre-configured form and rather only ask the user to enter a mandatory comment and optional attachment to complete, like the example below: 

These actions are created with the "Ask to complete workflow" button turned off (grey). The action will appear in the action owner's To Do list in the app.

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